Do Female Sexual Enhancement Products Work?

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You've seen these products in gas stations and sex toys shops. These creams and lotions allege to give you more pleasure and better orgasms. Is there any truth to these claims?

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An explanation of how popular female sexual enhancement lotions work.

Do Female Sexual Enhancement Potions Work?
There are a million female sexual enhancement gels, creams and potions on the market today. These products claim to make women experience more pleasure, and some even say that they can make women have better orgasms. Some even claim to shrink the vagina. Do any of these creams work?

Short answer is: We really don't know. Most of these sexual enhancement lotions cause a heating or cooling sensation. The heating lotions (like KY Yours + Mine Lubricant) heat up the labia, clitoris and vagina, a sensation which is very pleasant to some. Heating lubricants provide extra moisture for more slippery sex, and give off a sensual heat that's warm without being too hot. These warming liquids don't claim to intensify orgasm, rather the intensity of sensation during sex or play.

The cooling gels (KY Intense) use menthol or like ingredients to cause cool, tingly sensations. Some of these gels contain L-Arginine, which causes blood to flow more freely through the body. Some women find this intensely pleasurable, while some find the sensation to be too much. Cooling gels can be applied directly to the clitoris for intense sensations. Will it give you more pleasure? Possibly. Will it cause you to orgasm? Probably not.

A lot of the cooling gels advise you to "rub the product into your clitoris and labia over and over, repeatedly, maybe until your arm falls off." We think maybe all of this rubbing might be the real culprit in the increased stimulation and orgasms. But that's just our opinion.

Another group of products promises to make you feel just as tight as you were before the first time you had sex (The Magic Stick). These products are comparable to the infamous China Shrink Creme. We're not sure if these products work, but we bet they don't. The Magic Stick contains alum and purports to tighten the vaginal canal. If you want to give either one a try, they're inexpensive, fun and boast other benefits (flavoring, tingling) that can enhance your sexual experiences. And who knows? You just may experience a tightening sensation. stands by the female enhancement products we carry. All impart some sort of stimulating sensation and can be used to make partner sex or solo play more fun. Give one a try and learn what works for you.

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