G-Spot Vibrators

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If you love G-Spot stimulation or want to find yours, you are a GiGi G-Spot. Choose Your Best Vibrator here.

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If you love G-Spot stimulation or want to find your G-spot or have G-spot orgasms, you are a GiGi G-Spot. Choose Your Best Vibrator here.

GiGi G-Spot
You're a GiGi G-Spot if you really enjoy G-spot stimulation. Either you're curious about your G-spot, or you have found it and love what it does for you. Maybe you own a few basic vibrators, but to realize the full potential of your G-spot, you should try vibrators or wands made especially to reach it. Most G-spot vibrators are curved or have a special tip that's made especially for on-the-spot thrills.

If you're interested in learning about G-spot orgasms, check out our G-Spot guide.

The following list details our favorite G-spot toys. Click on the link to explore and choose the best one for you.

  • The Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibrator
    • The Lelo Gigi is a high-end vibrator, made to give you intense G-spot orgasms. This luxury silicone massager vibrates at a myriad of speeds. It's constructed from medical-grade silicone and shaped to massage all the right spots.
  • Vanity Vibrator
    • The Vanity features two vibrating ends for versatile thrills. Whether you use it for perfect clitoral or g-spot stimulation, the smooth, flexible, satin touch Vanity is sure to please.
  • Key Ceres G-spot Vibrator
    • The KEY Ceres G Massager is an unrelentingly powerful premium vibrator. This battery-powered vibrator features 7 mind-blowing settings for unbelievable g-spot orgasms.
  • nJoy Fun Wand
    • The nJoy was crafted from medical-grade steel to provide an unbelievable feeling of fullness. This wand is perfectly shaped for G-spot massage. You can heat it up or cool it down to enjoy all new G-spot sensations.

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