Helpful Sex Toys for Men

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Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and small penis plague a large percentage of the male population, and we don't think it's a far stretch to say that most of those effected probably wish they had a simple solution to their problem. So what's the answer? Miracle pills from those internet advertisements? No. Surgery? Dangerous and expensive. Viagra? Not an option for everyone. In many cases, the answer may be as easy and inexpensive as a simple sex toy.

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Helpful Toys for Men


Helpful Sex Toys for Men

If you or your lover is having difficulty with erection, size or rapid ejaculation you do have options. Viagra, surgery or therapy are a few.

Before going to those extremes you may want to try one of the easy, less invasive methods that actually work. We have outlined some of the more popular, sexologist recommended and fun aids to help.

On average I receive 3 emails a day with claims Product ABC will help me grow my penis 3 or more inches or last longer before I ejaculate (which wouldn’t be so ridiculous if I actually had a penis).

~ by Dr. Petra Zebroff

These ads play on the insecurities of men, and their formulas do NOT live up to their claims, period. Otherwise half the population would be walking around with elephant trunks in their pants and hours before ejaculating. Put those claims out of your head.

Getting and Keeping an Erection

Some times men just need to have a reliable erection. Viagra is not possible or unappealing for some men and sex therapy may not be an option. In those cases the following toys can offer a solution that is reliable, medication free and has no side effects.

Penis Rings 

Cock-rings are devices made of rubber, leather or metal that wrap around the penis and testicles to keep blood from flowing out of an erect penis, a mechanical Viagra of sorts. Just like Viagra cock rings will not GIVE an erection, but will help to maintain one that exists while creating a firmer, more sensitive erection. (Read more about cock rings here)More Cock Rings

  • Adjustable Cock Ring: Easy to use, adjustable. Simple, inexpensive and they get the job done. The design allows you to precisely adjust the tightness of the ring and experiment with a wide range of sensations.
  • 3 Stretchy Cock Rings: These provide some stimulation for him and her.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps draw blood into the penis through mild suction helping to give a temporary erection as well as increasing the sensitivity of the penis. No drugs or invasive procedures are necessary, they work well, are safe and inexpensive. Keep in mind that while many men swear by pumps, others report they can be cumbersome and result in erections that are slightly limp at the bottom.

  • Dr. Kaplan's Penis Pump: This is the only pump we recommend with confidence. It is uncomplicated, gives good suction and is effective. An reliable way to give erections to those men who don’t wish to, or can’t use medication.


Rapid Ejaculation (premature ejaculation)

Sensation is the key to monitoring how fast or slow a man reaches climax. Too much sensation too quickly and he will likely ejaculate faster than he (or she) wants. Attuning himself to, and playing with the sensation of his penis is the only way to learn control over ejaculation. The most important things for him to remember are to: 1. Stay relaxed; 2. Breathe and; 3. Tune into the sensations of the penis.

A. Practice tuning into the body with masturbation first:

For him: The best way to learn control over ejaculation is to do it alone, through masturbation first. Get close to the point where you feel like your ejaculation is inevitable and then stop. Don’t forget to breathe. Start again when you feel the point of no return has past. Once you have achieved control with your hand, move on to a lubricated hand, such as Mens Cream, and finally to a realistic masturbation sleeve. We recommend: Fleshlight: Thanks to a velvety-soft material that rivals penetration in feel, warmth and satisfaction, the Fleshlight has quickly topped the charts as the ultimate male masturbation toy.

B. Reduce sensation:

Contrary to popular belief, thinking of something non-sexual, like the score in the Knicks game, is only a temporary fix and will NOT help him gain control in a greater sense. Reducing sensation is NOT recommended as a long-term solution to rapid ejaculation. Instead, the real key is to understand and monitor the sensations on the penis during arousal and orgasm. Once he understands his own feelings and sensations during the arousal process he will be able to exert a control over his ejaculations that he never thought was possible. This is a long process, but has a big payoff. But if he would like to simply feel less sensation on occasion, the following product works wonders.

  • While the Cyberskin Penis Extension was originally developed to be an extension, our testers stumbled across an important result of this product. They found that it had the added benefit of dulling the strength of sensation on the penis. The beauty is that it still allows for all of the typical intercourse-like sensations, without the intensity.

Note: Desensitizing creams are not recommended as they result in a numbing feeling some men find uncomfortable, must be used with a condom or they will give the woman a numbing feeling too, are expensive and they do not solve the problem in the long term.


Penis Size Concerns

A. Penis is Too Big:

Have you ever seen spam that tried to sell a man on a product to reduce the size of his penis? Sounds ridiculous, but for most women a lover with an above average size penis is a much bigger problem than a penis that is below average. Too big = pain.

First thing to do if he is too big for you is to use lots of lube. The second is to indulge in all types of sex play, not just intercourse (remember the clitoris).

  • Liquid Silk: Sexologist Recommended Lube.
    Move gradually from a finger to a slimmer dildo, on up to his penis.
  • Slimmer 7.5 Inch Dildo: slender enough to be comfortable, yet long enough to tickle every nerve.

B.  Penis is Too Small

Although most men fit into the normal range, I do not want to underestimate the enjoyment many women get from feeling something of a larger size inside them once in a while.

  • The Cyberskin Penis Extension: Textured Realistic Extender. This is the clear winner as an extender. It gives more than 2 inches of length plus one inch width. It is the material that makes it special. The super-soft, nubby feel allows you to experience a more subtle sensation.

The other alternative is to you a really big dildo.

We suggest the Eleven Dildo or the Tryst Dildo for those who are very ambitious.

Remember: ALL women get the majority of their pleasure stimulation (either directly or indirectly) to the clitoris anyway. If he is too small or too big the simplest solution is to focus on the clitoris.

~from Juicy