Toys for Gay Men

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Gay male couples can find sex toys made especially for them right here. Choose Your Best Vibrator from our suggestions.

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Find the best toys for gay couples here.

Jack and Jack
At, we do our best to serve the gay community with an array of up-to-date specialty products. We want you to have access to sex toys like cock rings, anal probes, prostate stimulators, masturbators and premium lubricants. Please see our Sex Toys for Men pages for our full collection of men's products.

Here are some of our favorite items:

  • Rejoyn Rings
    • This set contains four cock rings in different sizes, as well as a loading cone for easy on and off. These silicone cock rings help you maintain harder erections for longer, and make orgasms more intense.
  • The Aneros
    • The Aneros was crafted for perfect prostate stimulation. This anal probe is four inches long and one inch thick. It's curved to hit your P-spot and features a wide base. It's meant to be used hands-free.
  • A Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug
    • The Tantus Zing is a medical-grade silicone vibrating butt plug. The Zing measures up at 4 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. It's ribbed for extra sensation, and features a wide base.
  • The Colt
    • This waterproof vibrating anal probe is six inches long and one inch thick. The Colt vibrates at four speeds, providing you with versatile prostate pleasure. This toy is constructed from sexy black rubber.
  • The Optimum Power Men's Climaxer
    • This anus-shaped vibrating masturbator sucks and strokes your penis. The vibrating beads inside round out the stimulation to create a thrilling masturbation experience.
  • The Head Honcho
    • This masturbator has been endorsed by Sue Johanson, the host of Talk Sex. This super soft jelly masturbator is clear and lined with nubs and ribbed portions. Because it is not realistically detailed, the Head Honcho is a very discreet masturbator.
  • nJoy Pure Plug
    • The nJoy Pure Plug was crafted from medical-grade steel to provide an unrivaled fullness and weight. This plug is curved to reach your prostate, and stays in hands-free.

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