How to Choose the Right Lube

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Did you know that different types of lubricants are best used for certain activities or sex toys? Here are a few basic guidelines you should learn to prolong the life of your vibrator.

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How to pick a lubricant type for your new toy. We carry silicone lubricants, oil-based lubricants, all natural lubricants, organic lubricants and water-based lubricants.

What Type of Lubricant Should I Use?
It used to be simple. If you wanted a personal lubricant, you reached for the only one available: K-Y Jelly. But as the sex toy industry has grown, so has the selection of lubricants. We carry oil-based, water-based and silicone-based lubes. We carry warming lubricants and flavored lubricants. We carry hypoallergenic, all-natural lubes as well. We only stock lubricants we've tested and love. How do you know which one is best for you? Read on to find out.


Water-based lubricants are truly the most versatile. They come in jelly or liquid forms, and are condom compatible. Water-based lubricants can get sticky or dry out faster than silicone lubes.

Tip: If your water-based lubricant dries out during sex, add a little water to refresh. You'll be good as new.

Good water-based lubricants: Astroglide, Liquid Silk, Maximus Lubricant


Oil-based lubricants are very slippery and won't dry out. They generally come in a thick oil or petroleum form. However, oil-based lubes aren't latex condom compatible. They're recommended for anal sex with a trusted, tested partner, or for use with non-latex anal toys. We don't suggest it for use with vibrators as it can gunk up the control pad, rendering the toy useless. Oil-based lubricants erode latex, jelly and rubber toys as well (silicone and hard-shelled plastic are okay).

A good oil-based lubricant: Doc Johnson Anal Lube


Silicone-based lubricants are fantastic multi-purpose lubes. They're incredibly slippery, won't dry out and are condom-compatible. You can even use them under water. Disadvantages? Silicone-based lubricants break down silicone sex toys. Some people find the ultra slippery sensation doesn't feel quite like natural lubrication (water-based lubricants emulate the feeling of the body's own moisture much better).

A good silicone-based lubricant: Pink


Warming lubricants add a soft, sensual heat to lovemaking. The ones we carry are water-based and compatible with condoms. A warming lube can add new sensations and make penetration more comfortable.

A good warming lubricant: KY Yours and Mine Lubricant


Natural lubricants are hypoallergenic, and glycerin- and paraben-free. These lubricants are pH balanced for the female body, meaning they won't cause yeast infections. These lubricants are condom safe and can be either silicone or water-based. A good natural lubricant: Sliquid Organics Silk

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