How Do Penis Rings Work?

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Penis rings constrict blood flow out of the penis for a firmer erection. Read our guide to learn what types of penis rings are offered and how to use them for fantastic results.

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A how-to guide on penis rings. Penis rings constrict blood flow out of the penis for a firmer erection.

How Do Penis Rings Work?
Penis rings, also referred to as constriction rings or cock rings, are designed to help men keep longer-lasting, firmer erections. Penis rings apply pressure to the genitals, constricting blood flow and keeping blood in the shaft of the penis. They can help with common erectile dysfunctions like difficulty maintaining an erection or premature ejaculation. They can also heighten orgasmic sensation (although some men can't orgasm while the ring is on; both reactions are normal).

A penis ring is slipped down to the base of the penis, generally after you achieve an erection. Some penis rings just encircle the penis, while others go around both the scrotum and the penis. They can be made out of rubber, silicone, metal or leather. It's best to start with an adjustable penis ring.

Vibrating penis rings add extra pleasure for both partners. They have the same benefits as a penis ring, but also include a bullet that sits at the base of the penis, which serves to stimulate the clitoris. Some rings have vibrating mechanisms that sit below the penis as well, to stimulate the testicles.

How To Use a Penis Ring

1. Choose the right ring. We suggest starting out with a stretchy silicone ring, or one of the rings from the Rejoyn kit. You want to make sure you have a size that constricts blood but doesn't feel uncomfortable. If the stretchy silicone rings feel too tight, try stretching them out on a flashlight or beer bottle for a couple of hours before use.

2. Apply lube. Lubricant is excellent with any sex toy, including penis rings. If you apply lubricant first, the ring should slide on easily and comfortably.

3. Slide it on. You'll want to put a penis ring around your semi-erect penis, so start thinking dirty thoughts now. Pay attention to the directions on the package: Is the ring meant to go over your penis and scrotum or just your penis? Some men find that penis rings that encircle the penis and the scrotum provide stronger orgasms. Either way, slide the ring all the way to the base of your penis.

4. Try it out. Masturbate or have sex with your partner. If you're using a vibrating ring, try positioning the vibrating portion on the top of your penis to stimulate your partner's clitoris. Or turn it around to vibrate your testicles.

5. Take it off. After you orgasm, gently slide the ring off. If you ever feel your penis going cold or numb during sex or masturbation, take the ring off. The last thing you want is to end up in the emergency room. Penis rings are meant to be worn for 20 minutes—any longer and you could cause permanent damage.

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