Sexual Astrology

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What sex toy is hot for your astrological sign? Making your sexual pleasure a priority must be a resolution.

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The best route to intense pleasure is to find the vibrator or sex toy that matches your individual self. And what better way than with your astrological sign.

Sexual Astrology

Star Sex Toys

Sexual Astrology

What sex toy is hot for your astrological sign? Making your sexual pleasure a priority must be a resolution in 2011.  The best route to intense pleasure is to find the vibrator or sex toy that matches your individual self.  And what better way than with your astrological sign. So, what's your sign?

These dreamy types will enjoy the fantasy qualities of the truly effective and enchanted toys.

The toys that spark the interest of the direct, sexually-unapologetic Aries need to be strong and adventurous.

  • For women aries: Lelo Soraya -- helps satisfy the urge for the new and stimulating.
  • For men aries: Robo Suck II Male Masturbator -- strokes, vibrates and sucks.
  • For all aries: Lelo Sensua Whip -- for a new, little adventure. 

These secretive hedonists are attracted to intense vibrations and sensuality. Their love of beauty cannot be ignored, when choosing a sexy toy.


  • For Women Taurus:  Elise by Lelo -- sleek, strong and gorgeous.
  • For Men Taurus: Chanel St. James Pocket Pal -- is a luscious, thick sleeve.
  • For All Taurus:  Vanilla and Cacao Scented Massage Candles -- nothing like chocolate to fill your senses.

Freedom-loving twins will not be attached to any strings with carefree sex toys. A Gemini will love the spontaneous and flirtatious.

  • For Women Gemini:
    The The Chandra Finger Vibrator -- is a no-strings attached way of pleasuring.
  • For Men Gemini:
    The realistic Fleshlight -- gives a male Gemini the autonomy he often needs.
  • For All Gemini:  Fuzzy Handcuffs -- appeals to the sensual, flirtatious side of the give and take of sexual pleasure. 

For the sensitive crab look for soft and reliable pleasure. Your biggest turn-on -- sensual touching and rubbing with We-Vibe 2 Vibrator, whether you are alone or with a lover.

  • For Women Cancer: The soft sensual, curves of the We Vibe II are perfect for the Cancer woman. 
  • For Men Cancer: Virtual Bunny -- lets you be closer during connecting with intercourse. 
  • For All Cancer:  The Lelo Tantra Feather -- for sensual touch.

This sensual exhibitionist enjoys the big, and the beautiful. A Leo knows what she wants in bed, and is not afraid to ask for it. Stock up on kinky toys.

  • For Women Leo:  The Cone  --a vibrator that is big, bold and beautiful.
  • For Men Leo: Power Piston Vibrating Penis Pump -- a penis pump to boost size and sensation.
  • For All Leo:  Lelo Sensua Suede Whip -- is a bold, yet gentle intro to a little kink

For the shy Virgo who wants to get more out of her sex-life,  intense pleasure and fun can be had through the discreet Astrea Vibrating Panties.

  • For Women Virgo: Luxury Vibrating Panties  -- sweet and sexy.
  • For Men Virgo:  Bo by Lelo -- is discreet and hot.
  • For All Virgo: Liquid Silk -- the smoothest of all the water-based lubes.

Allow the balanced Libra and her lover to enjoy their vibrations together. Solo Libras will want dual purpose toys to balance their pleasure.

  • For Women Libra:  Rabbit Habit -- balancing clitoral and vaginal sensations.
  • For Men Libra: Bo Vibrating Ring -- vibrations for him and her in one.
  • For All Libra: Easy give & take with the delicious Oil of Love Collection

Passionate and fiery Scorpio will connect well with a sex toy that responds to her/his passionate nature.

  • For Women Scorpio: Lelo Siri -- strong, sexy sensations.
  • For Men Scorpio: Optimum Power Stroker -- it does everything from vibration to suction to stimulate passion.
  • For All Scorpio: KY Yours + Mine -- warms and tingles to the touch.

For the flirt of the zodiac, versatility appeals.  Sensual and practical pleasure.

  • For Women Sagittarius:  Better Than Chocolate Vibrator -- a flirty, fun pebble vibrator.
  • For Men Sagittarius: The Real Touch Male Masturbator -- a sleeve that syncs up to adult films.
  • For All Sagittarius:  Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint -- for flirty fun

Only the top of the line for this discriminating sign.

  • For Women Capricorn: The Vanity Rabbit Vibrator -- high-end pleasure that hits all of the right spots, including the G-Spot.
  • For Men Capricorn:  Fleshlight -- only this male masturbator has the brand name worth it's weight in realistic fleshy pleasure.
  • For All Capricorn: Pink Lubricant -- slippery elegance in a silicone lubricant.

Free and uninhibited, this water-sign likes to get wet in all areas.  G-spot stimulation anyone?