Fresh Vibes Cleaning Towelettes - 20 ct.

Rock Candy

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About Welcome to, where pleasure meets privacy! Founded in 1999 by sex therapists, we're dedicated to enhancing your sex life discreetly and sensually. Explore a world of intimate delights curated just for you.

Why we offer Fresh Vibes Cleaning Towelettes - 20 ct.:
Fresh Vibes Cleaning Towelettes, available in a 20-count box, offer a swift and effective solution to refresh your treasured toys both pre and post-use. Rock Candy FRESH VIBES present a specially crafted formulation designed for convenience and hygiene, ensuring a residue-free cleaning experience on all toy materials. These single-use wipes guarantee portability, disposability, and environmental friendliness with their complete biodegradability, making them an ideal companion for your beloved pleasure products on the go.

Key Features:

  • Hygienic Toy Cleaning: Ensures efficient cleaning of your favorite toys before and after use, promoting a hygienic environment for your pleasure products.

  • Safe Formulation: Crafted with a formulation safe for all toy materials, eliminating any concerns about compatibility while ensuring a thorough clean.

  • No Residue: Leaves behind no lint or residue, maintaining the integrity of your toys and preserving their quality.

  • Portability and Disposability: Single-use wipes that are portable and disposable, perfect for accompanying your pleasure products wherever you go.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Completely biodegradable composition, reflecting an environmentally conscious approach to intimate care.

Rock Candy FRESH VIBES Cleaning Towelettes redefine convenience and cleanliness in the realm of intimate toys. With a focus on portability, disposability, and environmental responsibility, these towelettes ensure a quick, effective, and residue-free cleaning experience, promising both hygiene and convenience for your treasured pleasure products.

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