Our Best Selling Dildos

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Some of the most wanted dildos by women & recommended by sexologists. Which made the cut? We've rounded up the best into a 'greatest hits' list.

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These are the favorite dildos in each of these popular dildo categories.

Best Selling Dildos

The Best Selling Dildos

Some of the most wanted dildos by women & recommended by sexologists. Which made the cut? We've rounded up the best into a 'greatest hits' list. Favorite dildos of each of these popular dildo categories.

1. Realistic Dildos:
Realistic dildos are those that resemble the "real thing", a penis. They are phallic shaped, with some version of a bulbous head, shaft and some of them even have balls. These dildos are anywhere between 4-9 inches with most being around the 6" length. There is a wonderful trend right now of a realistic texture. Now it not only looks like the real thing, it "feels" like the real thing. New technology in materials has created plush skin-like sensations in many dildos. Look out for 'cyber-skin, vixskin, or 'real-skin'.
Basix 7.5 Inch Dildo
Known for its straightforward penis shape and detail and real-skin feel. A basic dildo that is a staple in any woman's toy chest.

2. Large Dildos:
Do you love to be stretched a little or a lot? Large dildos can offer a delicious sensation to test your limits. Get a dildo just a little larger than what you are used to, or go to your most extreme point.

8 Inch Realistic Dildo
This dildo is loved for its luscious size combined with the real-skin texture. And it is made of high qality silicone that warms to the touch.

3. Silicone Dildos
We first thought size was the most important, but as it turns out material is also pretty important too. Silicone is the queen of materials when it comes to dildos. While silicone is a little more expensive, it offers a series of benefits. It warms to the touch, is easy to clean (you can even throw this in the dishwasher). Silicone comes in a few varieties -- from ultra soft and lifelike to sleek and slippery to just like rubber. The best feature of silicone is that it is completely body safe and phthalate free.

Leisure Dildo.

Favorite NEW Dildos

New dildos are being made every day, but the trends to watch out for are:
  • silicone dildos
  • non-phallic, discreet shapes - women are experimenting with all the different shapes and sizes and this is coming across in the manufacturing of dildos.
  • real-skin feel dildo materials
  • beauty and elegance in dildo designs
Ella by Lelo - Ella is a g-spot dildo that is built for elegance. Ella is non-phallic shape, and could be put on a coffee table as a piece of art.

Double-ended Dildos:
To use for double penetration on your own or connect with a partner, double dildos have a wide variety of uses. Try the Dual Vibrating Double Dildo.

Love Rider Double Dildo:
We have seen few double dildos as famous or well-liked as the Love Rider. The reason for such a fanbase has been the ability of this double dildo to be used without a harness. It is delicately balanced for thrusting of one party to the other without having to strap anything on.

6. Glass Dildos
Glass dildos are popular for their gorgeous designs, but they are equally as fun to play with. glass dildos are cool to the touch, warm easily with warm water, they offer firm pressure (like that needed for g-spot stimulation) and are pieces of art.

Try: Don Wands Pyrex Dildo