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Clitoral Clara's enjoy clitoral stimulation above all other types. We have Your Best Vibrator here.

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Clitoral Clara's enjoy clitoral stimulation above all other types. Here we detail our favorite clitoral vibrators.

Clitoral Clara
You're a Clitoral Clara if you enjoy clitoral stimulation above all other types. We've picked out our favorite clitoral stimulators for you to enjoy. Some are meant to be worn during partner sex, while others are best used during solo play. We've separated our favorites into two categories to help you make the best choice: Lighter Stimulation and Stronger Stimulation.

Our favorite clitoral stimulators:

Lighter Stimulation

  • Madame Butterfly
    • The Madame Butterfly is a soft, inflatable pillow that you straddle. A vibrating bullet is attached to the top for your riding pleasure. A wired controller lets you pick the vibration speed.
  • Venus Butterfly
    • The Venus Butterfly is a vibrator that can be worn during sex. It's held in place by straps, and fits much like a pair of panties. The soft, jelly vibrating butterfly sits right over your clitoris to provide maximum stimulation.
  • Jelly Bullet
    • The Jelly Bullet vibrator is a pink, waterproof bullet vibe that's small enough to take with you wherever you go. It comes with a soft, textured sleeve that makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation or exploring other areas of your body.
  • Lelo Nea
    • The Lelo Nea offers both whisper light stimulation and intense vibration--and everything in between. This clitoral stimulator is egg shaped to fit over your pubic bone, so it can hit your clitoris and labia at the same time.

Stronger Stimulation


  • Hitachi Magic Wand
    • The Hitachi Magic Wand has long been considered the world's strongest vibrator. This massager has two speeds: ultra-powerful, and super ultra-powerful. If you have trouble achieving orgasm, this is the vibrator for you.
  • Pocket Rocket
    • The Pocket Rocket is a legendary vibrator. This hard-shelled vibrator is small enough to be used during sex, but it's quite powerful for it's size. It was designed especially for clitoral stimulation and is perfect if you need a lot of buzz to experience orgasm.
  • Acuvibe Vibrator
    • The Acuvibe Personal Massager is a high-powered, rechargeable massager. If you prefer lots of vibration, the Acuvibe won't disappoint.
  • The Form 2 Vibrator
    • The Form 2 Vibrator is an amazingly strong clit vibrator, perfectly shaped for unrelenting clitoral pleasure. This small vibrator imparts intense, thudding vibrations that will make you quiver with pleasure.

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