Strong and Reliable Vibrators

Independent Orgasm Aids

Vibrators that are strong and self-reliant...

1. Choose Electric for Strength

Recommended Toy: Hitachi Magic Wand
The Hitachi more than just a vibrator. The Hitachi has some of the strongest vibrations of any vibrator. Not only are they strong, but they 'throb' closely mimicking sexual stimulation. Also try: Eroscillator Plus 2

2. Strap-it-on Support

Recommended: Pink Luxury Vibrating Panties
Slip on these sexy lace panties, sit back and let the clitoral vibe hidden in the exact right spot buzz away. Loved by Libida Staff!

3. Dual Purpose Orgasm

Recommended: Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator
Women can enjoy 2 very different types of orgasm -- clitoral orgasm, which is usually experienced as focused in one area and intense; and/or, vaginal orgasm, which often involves more of the whole body. Find a toy to incorporate both types of orgasm in one -- with a dildo/vibrator combo!

4. Strength in Numbers

Recommended: VibroPod
Another favorite is so versatile it can be incorporated into every type of sexual play. Use one bullet on the clitoris and the other on almost any other erogenous zone.

5. Strong Thrusts

Recommended: Deep Thrusting Dildo
The in/out movement can be exactly what sends you over the edge.

6. Be Self-Reliant when with a Partner

Recommended: Venus Butterfly Vibrator
Relax and enjoy the experience without "doing" anything, use a small strap-on vibrator. Position it over your clit and enjoy the clitoral vibrations. Voila! You are less reliant on his motion or penis to bring your over the edge.